Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ten Ways Lawyers Can Use LinkedIn To Build Their Contact List And Identify New Prospects

LinkedIn has positioned itself as the premier business networking site for attorneys and other professionals. There are over 120 million people using the site with another million joining every week. The majority (70%) of users are over the age of 35, 75% are college educated and the average user looks at 25 pages per month. The odds are your clients, prospects, referral sources, and competitors are using LinkedIn.

Start to maximize your time on LinkedIn and see returns by focusing on your target contacts. Take 15 minutes a week to search and add quality connections. Here are ten ways attorneys can use LinkedIn to build their network.

1. People You May Know: Check LinkedIn’s “People You May Know” feature. LinkedIn helps to identify new connections for you based on your profile and your connections.

2. Who's Viewed Your Profile: Look to see who has looked at your profile. If you are not already connected with the people, check out their profile and consider sending them an invitation to connect. Free accounts allow you to see 5 people who have looked at your profile; premium accounts allow you to see the full list.

3. Review Your Contacts' Connections: You may find mutual contacts that you are not connected to yet. Or you may find people you want to meet. Now is the perfect time to ask your contact for an introduction. To view your contacts' connections, go to their profile and click the link next to Connections.

4. Review Your Groups’ Member Lists. You already share a common interest with other members of your groups. Review the list of members and see if there are individuals you should connect with directly.

5. Search For Individual Companies. Then review the list of employees on LinkedIn.

6. Use The Advanced Search Feature. This allows you to target your search by industry, geography, size of company, individual titles. You can save your searches and be notified when new people join LinkedIn or change jobs.

7. Join More Groups. Select “Groups You May Like” under the Groups tab or use the search feature to find groups by topic. You can also look at which groups your clients belong to and join those groups.

8. Use Add Connections. The Add Connections feature on LinkedIn will help find connections from your Outlook or personal email accounts.

9. Help Others Find You. By completing your profile you will help other people find you: fill in your education, current and past employment, charitable and civic groups, interests and hobbies.

10. Try These Apps. For advanced users, see this article I found in the News section of LinkedIn: 5 LinkedIn Apps For Power Networking by Amber Mac on Fast Company.

Take 15 minutes today to see who you can find on LinkedIn. 

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