Thursday, March 22, 2012

Establishing a Client-Driven Culture in your Law Firm

The public resignation of Goldman Sach’s Greg Smith spawned a firestorm in the press. In the New York Times Op-Ed piece, Smith said the investment bank often referred to clients as “Muppets.” Goldman executives countered saying the firm has a “client-driven” culture.

What does a client-driven culture look like in a law firm?

In interviewing more than 3,000 corporate counsel over 11 years, the BTI Consulting Group has identified the following 17 activities that drive client relationships:

4 Activities Deliver Superior Financial Rewards

  • Client Focus
  • Commitment to Help
  • Understands the Client’s Business
  • Provides Value for the Dollar 

6 Activities Are the Price of Admission

  • Keeps the Client Informed
  • Legal Skills
  • Quality Products 
  • Deals with Unexpected Changes
  • Handles Problems
  • Meets Scope and Budget 

5 Activities Bolster the Case for Client Loyalty

  • Breadth of Services
  • Helps Advise on Business Issues
  • Regional Reputation 
  • Unprompted Communication
  • Brings Together National Resources 

2 Activities Boost Business Development with Clients

  • Anticipates the Client’s Needs
  • Innovative Approach

How would your clients rank your law firm?

Understanding what your clients want and need, as well as how they perceive your law firm are the first steps in establishing a client-driven culture within your firm.

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