Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Evaluating Social Media Tools

I am frequently asked if social media is really important for attorneys or if it is just a waste of time. And my answer is, "YES it is really important."
LinkedIn, for example, has 120 million users and another million join every week.

75% of LinkedIn users are college educated and the average user looks at 25 pages per month.
So the odds are your clients, prospects, referral sources, and competitors are using LinkedIn and other social media sites.

And YES, it can be a big waste of time but with the right goals and plan, I think you’ll see how it can help with your networking efforts.
For example, by regularly sharing articles on a specific topic you can help establish your credibility in this area.

You can also stay up-to-date with your current contacts – very often you will find out through LinkedIn that someone has changed jobs well before you receive a formal announcement.

Another thing to keep in mind with social media is that people are there because they want to network and the sites make it easy for you to search for new connections, share information and research industry trends.
 The next question I’m asked is, what sites should I be using. And my answer is, "It Depends."

Social media isn’t one size fits all. You are going to connect with a different audience on Facebook than you are on LinkedIn. So it depends who you are trying to network with and what you are trying to achieve.

Keeping your goals in mind will keep you focused and help you use your time efficiently.

What I have done here is list the major social media sites: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and Blogs and how they can help you achieve different goals.

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