Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Articles/Books for Summer Reading

Why Attorneys Hate Marketing and What You Can Do About It
In this article, John Cunningham address 10 reasons why attorneys do not like to do marketing and offers suggestions to help overcome their objections.
It’s Time to Clean Up That Mess!
by Attorney at Work
If you put off Spring Cleaning, here are some quick tips for a quiet summer afternoon to help you get organized and improve your productivity.
BigLaw Twitter Usage Compared
Is your law firm using Twitter or thinking about using it? Here is an interesting comparison of how some law firms are using Twitter.

15 Proven Profitability Techniques 
By Joel A. Rose in the ABA Law Practice Magazine

As you head into the second half of the year, are you happy with your law firm’s profits? Are you planning ahead for 2013? Here are some issues to consider as you move forward.

By Laura Hillenbrand

This true story will make marketing your law practice look easy.

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