Friday, May 24, 2013

Marketing Quick Tip for Attorneys: Top 3 Marketing Activities To Do Now

Marketing Quick Tips for Attorneys
Quick Tips offers attorneys marketing ideas that can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Top 3 Marketing Activities To Do Today
Everyone is busy at this time of year so I kept this list of must do marketing activities to three. Attorney biographies, LinkedIn profiles and contact lists are the building blocks for attorney marketing and law firm business development activities. They are a critical and often overlooked piece of every attorney's success and should be reviewed and updated at least once a year, ideally twice a year.

1.  Update your website bio. The first thing any new prospective client does when choosing an attorney is to look at your website and your bio page. See this previous post for some website traffic statistics. You may loose the prospective client before you even know you are in the running if your bio is out of date. 
When was the last time you looked at your website bio? This Marketing Quick Tip will give you some ideas and will help you get started.
2.  Update your LinkedIn profile and/or Facebook page. LinkedIn is the premier professional networking site. It has more than 120 million users and another million join every week. The odds are your clients, prospects, referral sources, and competitors are using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also ranked very high in search engine results. In fact, if you Google your name, you might be surprised to see your LinkedIn profile listed before your website. The same tips for updating your website bio apply to your LinkedIn profile. Another important and relatively new feature on LinkedIn is the Skills section. If you haven't added this to your profile yet, it is a must.
Are your clients and prospects are on Facebook? If yes, then be sure to update this page too.
3.  Review and update your contact list. Okay, this one might take you more than 30 minutes but it is time well spent. With the majority of new work coming from current and former clients and your referral network, your contacts are your most valuable marketing asset. Review and update your contact list. Be sure to include email addresses and phone numbers so you can easily reach out to your contacts when you have news to share. Here are ten ways you can use LinkedIn to build your contact list.

Review and update your website bio, LinkedIn profile and contact list today and you'll be ready to add new layers of marketing and business development activities to your foundation in 2013.


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  3. I would say that a CM's responsibilities would not only be external but also internal. Its the middle role between the ops/s&m director(s) and the "shop floor"
    A Marketing Managers responsibility is to ensure exposure and conversion working along side the purchasing and sales teams.

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