Wednesday, January 30, 2013

9 Reasons Blogs are Good Marketing Tools for Attorneys

Attorneys often ask me if they should start a blog. Here are 9 reasons why attorneys should have blogs and tips for getting started.

  1. Blogs work! They have a proven track record of bringing in business. Chicago attorney R. David Donoghue of Holland and Knight, publisher of both the Chicago IP Litigation Blog and the Retail Patent Litigation blogs, is quoted on Mashable as saying,“While it took time for my blogs to begin generating business, over time they have helped generate significant patent litigation matters.”
  2. Blogs establish thought leadership. A blog can help an attorney gain credibility in a particular subject area.  According to a recent survey by Greentarget, 87% of in-house counsel perceive blogs as credible and 67% of respondents say they attribute some level of importance to a lawyer’s blog when deciding which firms to retain. Read the full survey here
  • Blogs expand your market. Blogs help attorneys and law firms reach a larger online audience. 
  • Blogs are inexpensive to start. WordPress and Blogger are free blog sites. If you need a little more help, try LexBlog. Or contact me, I also help attorneys start and maintain their blogs.
  • Blogs are easy to use. Most blog platforms are easy for non-technical people to use.  It is very similar to working in Word.
  • Blogs help you expand your social media footprint. You can Tweet your posts on Twitter and post links on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. 
  • Blogs help you meet new people. When you start developing a following, watch how your referral network and LinkedIn connections increase. 
  • Blogs can be tracked. Unlike many legal marketing initiatives, you can track your blog results. How many people visit your blog, what they read, what other blogs or websites are linking to your blog, and how many people contact you through your blog are just a few of the things you can track.  
  • Blogs are fun. Blog posts do not need to be, and shouldn’t be, a law review article. 250-500 words are ideal. You can insert your personality into your posts, unlike your firm’s client alerts which tend to be more legalese. Remember to keep it professional though. Everything you do on the Internet leaves a permanent footprint. 

  • After reading these 9 reasons why attorneys should have blogs, you may be ready to start your blog today. Before you start your blog, realize that it is a time commitment and will take months/years to generate new business. If you are still ready to pursue blogging, start by identifying:
    • Who your target audience is.
    • What you will write about.
    • Who will write the posts. Will it be just you or are there others in your firm that will help?
    • How often will you post. Once a week or once  month?
    • How you will promote your blog.
    Good luck and let me know when your blog is up and running.


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