Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Marketing Quick Tips for Attorneys: Make Your Blog Posts Easy to Read

Quick Tips offers attorneys marketing ideas that can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Making Your Blog Posts Easier to Read

The format of your blog post is just as important as what you have to say. In fact, the format may be even more important than the content.

In a previous post, I discussed why blogs are good marketing tools for attorneys. Now that I have convinced you to write a blog, here are some quick formatting tips to help hold your reader's attention.

Keep them short, to the point and compelling. If readers only see the title, will they know exactly what the post is about? Be sure to include key terms in your title. This will help people find your article when searching in Google. Making the title a question is a great way to hook readers into your post.

Here are some more tips on writing enticing titles for blog posts from HubSpot.

The First Paragraph: 
Search engines usually display the first sentence of the blog post in the search results page making the first sentence very important. Use the first 20-30 words to grab your reader and give an overview of the post. Avoid words like Today, Yesterday, or specific dates in the first sentence because they can make your post seem dated.

Key Words: 
Use key words wisely. If you overload your article with key words, you will turn off both readers and search engines. If possible, key words should be used in the title, the first sentence, and in your subheadings. More important than key word placement is the quality of your content. Post interesting, valuable content and readers and search engines will find your blog.

  • Blogs shouldn't be too long. Keep your posts to 250-500 words.
  • Keep paragraphs short. Use 2-3 sentences per paragraph as a general rule.
  • Use subheadings. Make them bold and a slightly larger font.
  • Use bullets or numbering whenever possible.
  • Add images.

Reference News Sources and Link to Other Sites: 
Yes, it is okay and beneficial to include links to other reputable news stories and blogs within your blog post. By doing so, you are increasing the chances that a reporter or influential blogger will quote you in a news story. 2-3 links per story is ideal.

More Information:
Here are some additional resources and tips on writing blog posts:
The Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging for Lawyers: Crafting Content that Gets Noticed
by John Cunningham

Why Your Blog Sucks by Sam Glover


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