Wednesday, May 1, 2013

13 Ways to Turn Attending a Conference into Website and Social Media Content

Attorneys frequently ask me how they can find the time to create website and social media content. In fact, I get the question so often that I'm doing a presentation on it with Deb Scaringi. While preparing for the presentation, we came up with at least 13 ways you can turn attending a conference into website and social media content.

Before the Conference 


1 & 2 Post the event on your firm's website and/or blog

For Example:
InPractice Connecticut Conference
May 2, 2013
Hartford Hilton Hotel
Registration Information

9:00 - 9:45 am
(Ethan Allen Room)
Presented by: Deb Scaringi and Kirsten Lovett
Timely and relevant content helps to optimize search engine rankings and to position you as a thought leader. We’ll show you how to create a strategic advantage by developing quality content and repurposing it across multiple platforms. In this workshop, learn how to get the most out of your content by employing common marketing tools, including social media and blogs, websites, speaking engagements and client pitches.  Walk away with practical tips that you can employ today that will help build your presence as a thought leader and expand your online profile.

3 & 4 Post a status update on LinkedIn and/or Facebook

For Example:
I just registered for the InPractice Conference on May 2, 2013. Looks like a full agenda of useful marketing and practice management programs. (include a link back to your website or blog)

5 Tweet about the conference

For Example:
I just registered for InPractice, May 2, Hartford, CT. Marketing and practice management programs on the agenda. (include link to conference)

Day Before/Day of the Conference

6 & 7 Post another status update on LinkedIn and/or Facebook  

For Example
The InPractice conference is tomorrow at the Hartford Hilton. I'm going to the following sessions: 9:00 am Repurposing with Rewards, 10:15 am Blogging for Business, 11:15 Taming the Email Monster, and 1:15 Passion and Profits. Hope to see you there!

8 Send another Tweet (or more if you live tweet during the conference)

For Example
Just arrived at the InPractice conference in Hartford CT. Ready to learn new practice management and marketing tips!

After the Conference

9 & 10 Write a summary for your firm's website and/or blog 

For Example
Write a summary of one of the sessions you attend such as "Top 5 Practice Management Lessons Learned" (250-300 words). Include a link to the presenters slides if available. Let the presenter know you have posted a summary.

Here is a blog post I wrote after a seminar "Networking Tips for Professionals and Boutique Practices."

11 & 12 Post a link to the summary on LinkedIn and/or Facebook

For Example
Here are the top 5 practice management tips that I learned at the InPractice conference. (insert link to website article/blog posting)

13 Tweet a link to the summary 

For Example
InPractice conference was filled with great tips I can implement today. (insert link to website article/blog posting)

Bonus Tip

Remember to connect on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with the new contacts you made at the conference!

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