Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Grammar Tips to Improve Your Blogs and Websites

Here are some useful blogs and websites that provide grammar tips to help improve your blogs and websites.

Attorney at Work 

Attorney at Work's Get to the Point is a monthly column focused on helping you communicating more effectively. The older I get, the more reminders I need. Here are three good reminders:

Happy National Grammar Day! Lawyers’ Top Three Grammar Goof-ups includes I versus me, alot and acronyms.

Tighten Your Writing: Head the Six Signs includes suggestions for deleting extra words and making your writing more concise.

Five Tips for Getting Writing Right discusses legalese and passive voice.

Grammar Girl

Mignon Fogarty provides quick tips on word choice and grammar rules at Grammar Girl.
Here are some of the posts I recently viewed:

Capitalizing Titles. I'm opting for the AP style.

Canceled versus Cancelled

Irregardless versus Regardless . This is one of my husband's pet peeves.

Formatting Tips for Blogs

When it comes to blogs and online content, formatting is just as important as grammar. Here are a few tips:

Marketing Quick Tips for Attorneys: Make Your Blog Posts Easy to Read includes advice on formatting and key words.

How to Write a Blog Post: A Simple Formula to Follow provides suggestions from selecting a topic to writing a title.

Real Lawyers Have Blogs is written by Kevin O'Keefe and covers a wide spectrum of law firm marketing and social media topics.

Happy writing!
Irregardless Versus RegardlessThis is one of my husband's pet peeves.

Canceled or Cancelled?

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  1. The tips you mentioned were really helpful, I applied it to my blog writing skills and my content on the blog has never been better, thank-you for that.