Thursday, August 13, 2015

5 Quick Summer Reads

Here are 5 quick summer reads to keep you up to date on legal marketing trends.

A new survey shows that legal departments and law firms sometimes have a conflicting view of their relationship 
By Inside Counsel
Survey shows conflicting views on law firms' relationships with in-house legal departments. It's always important to hear the client's perspective.

Want More Blog Traffic? Focus on Growing Subscribers 
By HubSpot
Encourage website visitors to subscribe to your email list then send an email when you have new content. You'll see your website traffic increase and more visitors subscribe to your email list.

Best new Apps for Lawyers 
By Brian Focht on the Cyber Advocate.
Highlights new apps from security, to contact management systems to LinkedIn

Can legal matchmaking sites help legal services consumers? 
By Kevin O'Keefe on Real Lawyers Have Blogs.
Are legal matchmaking sites a threat to your practice or an opportunity?

Pros and Cons of Digital Holiday Cards 
By Tim Derian on Attorney At Work
Now is the time to start preparing your holiday cards. Will you do a printed card, an e-card or no card? You may also want to read my post, Are Holiday Cards an Effective Marketing Tool?

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